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A map of the word.


Where do people use different slang terms? How far has word of a cool local band travelled? In which parts of the country do fans of your favorite sports team live? Find out with Coke Pop! Soda.

Tag the map with your location and your term.

Coke Pop! Soda was created by Walter Rader ( It was initially populated with data from The Online Slang Dictionary.

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Though it's highly unlikely anyone will contact me asking for data from my website, if they do, I'll never give them anything that can identify you as an individual. On the offhand chance somebody offers me big bucks, I'll only give them aggregate data. Aggregate data can't identify individual users. Rather, it's stuff like, "There were 1,000 people in Sacramento, California who put the basketball team 'The Kings' on the map."

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Pretty much, don't be a jerk.

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